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Need your glass cleaning?

Do you need gleaming glasses and silverware every time? Want to make savings on costs for staff and have more content customers and workers? Take a look at our selection of top-quality glass polishers, silverware polishers and glass frosting machines.

Dealing with professional catering budgets is difficult enough without taking hours and spending loads of money on hand polishing glasses and silverware. Your employees could be better employed elsewhere.

Product selection

Our range of glass polishers will mean you have glittering glasses all the time, and as well as our cutlery polisher items and glass frosters, will not only mean you get sparkling glasses, kitchenware and kitchen utensils each time, but will also offer your employees a far simpler job and make your clients much happier as well.

We were established to offer high-quality labour-saving kit to the catering trade, and we’re devoted to the continuous development of our product selection. We offer glass polisher and cutlery polisher tools to suit the size and monetary requirements of each business.

A devoted team

Supported by a passionate and devoted team to offer full training, servicing and help with all our machines, you can be assured that when you select our cutlery or glass polishing technology you’ll get very dry and sterilely polished cutlery and glasses, on each occasion our kit is used.

On this site you can browse our selection of polishing machine items, calculate the savings you make by using our devices, and find out where you can meet our staff at various catering events and galleries over the coming months.

With a considered solution for every commercial kitchen no matter what your requirements or company or budget, our high specification glass polishers, silverware polishers and glass frosting devices will get your cutlery, glasses and kitchen equipment glitteringly clean every time.

Specialist features

Specialist features include internal UV germicidal lights to destroy bacteria, as well as full portability and front-loading options to save space. Our machines generate hygienically clean items of cutlery and crystal-clear glasses from all operations – to the pleasure of your employees and customers.

With cleaning capabilities of between two thousand and nine thousand units per sixty minutes for glasses and silverware – your employees can be freed from washing and polishing tasks, and their skills can be utilised more usefully in other places on serving your clients.

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ALL Glass are one of the leading suppliers of our service and offer a level of excellence rarely seen in the UK.

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